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Original name of Proactol XS is Proactol Plus. Proactol XS contains advanced ingredients as compared to Proactol Plus. These newly introduced ingredients strengthen the body`s capability of fats binding. It is medically certified product that acts as a fats binder and enables weight-loss efficiently & effectively.

It works to reduce your intake of fats and to prevent accumulation of such fats within body. It is a source of getting fibers to bind fats from food in to molecules that are very big and difficult to absorb. By reducing daily fats intake, it lets you quickly lose weight and make this weight loss process quick, safe and effective. At the same time it enables you to eat your favorite meals. It is based on approved clinical studies that recommend it as a natural, powerful and safe solution.


Advantages of Proactol XS supplement include;

  • It reduces excessive weight
  • It helps in management of weight at desired levels
  • It suppresses appetite and makes you feel full
  • It lowers fats intake from the food
  • It lowers intake of cholesterol from food
  • It binds body fats
  • It shows results within days
  • It is suitable for vegetarians, and is Halal certified
  • It has been formulated on the basis of extensive research
  • Its results are long lasting


Fat binding directly relates to the weight-loss. In fat binding process dietary fats are consumed by persons are simply not absorbed and stored within the body. Proactol XS prevents storage of almost 27.4% fats. Not stored fats make 274 calories-off from a diet of 1000 calories. These are possible due to use of non soluble and soluble fibers found within Chitosan. If you want to burn this much amount of calories through exercise you need lots of dedication.

Proactol XS delights customers via delivery of this with only 1 dosage. The fats binding process, carried on by this supplement is purely natural. Metabolic boosters cause some kind of negative results but Proactol XS let you enjoy same benefits without any danger of negative results. It is also an effective appetite suppressant. With a combination of these advantageous features, this product is most effective fats binding diet pill on-sale today.


Experts and users recommend Proactol XS for following reasons;

  • It stops unhealthy snacks` cravings
  • It is suitable for the vegetarians
  • It binds upto 27% fats
  • Average per week weight loss is 4lbs
  • It is clinically tested & proven fat binder
  • It is ranked in top supplements for losing fats
  • It is sold with 60 days money-back offer


Silica: deficiency of silica makes people feel hungry. This important ingredient controls nervous and circulatory systems of body and also controls intake of nutrients from meals. It reduces food cravings and makes you believe that you are full thus leading to reduced body weight.

Prickly Pear-Extract: it is the basic component of this supplement. It consists of fibers that bind fats absorbed from food. It turns these fats into the gel form, to fill up the stomach space to make you feel full. This substance takes time for being absorbed so that you feel full for a longer time.

Microcrystalline Cellulose: it is a non soluble fiber that curbs hunger.

Povidone: it has anti bacterial nature and works together with Prickly-extract for creating fats binding gel within stomach.

Calcium Hydrogen-Phosphate: it is a dehydrated compound which forms an important component of diet supplements. This natural component reduces hunger levels.

Magnesium Stearate: this acts as filler and gives good cholesterol.

Ingredients of Proactol XS carry no side effects. There are no artificial colors, chemicals, flavors, preservatives or allergens in its formula. These pills are also vegetarian friendly & contain no animal products.

Believe In Yourself. Change Forever…


As per manufacturers of Proactol XSsupplement, you should visit your doctor for consultation regarding use of this supplement. Cases of side effects notified may vary depending upon the person`s own behavior towards such supplement. Some individuals are very much sensitive and cannot bear the after results or even slight amount of supplements. Such individuals may experience nausea, diarrheas, headaches, stomach discomfort etc. but these effects are mild and does not become severe. Those having kidney, thyroid or allergic problems should also avoid it.


It is available in different sized bottles on official website containing 60 to 540 capsules. With purchase of greater packages, you can enjoy free shipping. Range of price is £24.95-£124.95 which includes free diet plan, prize draw entry and mentoring. Small packs like that of 60 capsules can be purchased from eBay and Amazon but without additional benefits. All packages are backed by a money-back guarantee of 30 days.


Proactol XS is an amazing and worth trying supplementing which with all of its advantages is waiting for your attention. It provides benefits that are unmatchable with respect to both affordability and approvability.

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